Anne-Marie Sonneveld, Max and Pat, Small words for little children
(set of 25 reading booklets), 2012 (sold out; second edition coming soon)
Charlene Comeau, The Great Bobbin and Hobbin, Canada 2012
Charlene Comeau, Bobbin and Hobbin’s Great Dragon Story, Canada 2016
Bill Currie, The Toad and the Princess, London 2016
Mz Goose (Elyse Aronson), The Happiness Fables, USA 2016
Bill Currie, Eric the Eagle 2017
Bill Currie, The Crossing, London 2017
Bill Currie, Porcupine Peril, London 2017
Bill Currie, The Race to the Sky 2017
Bill Currie, Magnanimals, Book 1, London 2017
Bill Currie, The Great Cricketeer, London 2017
Bill Currie, Papadopoulos the Greek Hippopotamus, London 2017
Bill Currie, Suppertime, London 2017
Bill Currie, May I have this Dance, London 2017
Bill Currie, The Gentle Giant, London 2017
Janet K Davis, Gracie Blessings’s Quest for Treasure, London 2017
Janet K Davis, Gracie Blessing Battles the Bullies, London 2017
Miriam Payne, A Greyt Christmas Tail, London 2017
Janet K Davis, Gracie Blessing’s Greatest Challenge, London 2018
Bill Currie, Magnanimals, Book 2, London 2018
Miriam Payne, A Greyt Pirate Tail, London 2018
Paul Whales, Skate Police, Book 1 in the Whalie the Camper series, 2018
Shahid Mehmood, Baby Ant and Baby Elephant, London 2019
Paul Whales, Surf Dog, Book 2 in the Whalie the Camper series, 2020
Barry Hancock, The Sledge, 2020
Hansa Pankhania, Chakraji and Calm Callum, 2020
Hansa Pankhania, Chakraji and Relaxed Ravina, 2021
Paul Whales, Fire Truck, Book 3 in the Whalie the Camper series, 2020
Duncan McNair, Human Rights for Children, 2021
Hansa Pankhania, Peaceful Peter, 2021
Hansa Pankhania, Chakraji and Beautiful Bella, 2021
Hansa Pankhania, Chakraji and Marvellous Mansoor, 2022
Hansa Pankhania, Special Sue Lin, 2022


Niek Sonneveld, Het Huis van Overal, Amsterdam
Jean-Louis Charbonnier, Découverte de la Viole de Gambe, Paris
Jean-Claude Veilhan, Le Cri du Canard, Paris
Best Practice Guide for Customer Service Professionals, Customer 1st        International, 2004
V. Schaefer-Kasriel, Jean-Claude Malgoire, 50 ans de musiques et               d'aventures, Symetrie, Paris 2005
Christopher Brown & John Clements, Sign Language for Babies and Toddlers, San Diego, California, 2005
Kimberley Holgate, When I'm a Bride, DillyDally, 2005
Kimberley Holgate, When I'm a Groom, DillyDally, 2005
Martin Sonneveld, The Little Book of Violin I, 2005
Martin Sonneveld, The Little Book of Violin II, 2006
Martin Sonneveld, The little Book of Violin III, 2013
Stephanie Edwards, Customers First, 2008
Louise Gallagher, NAPPYGATE, The Antenatal Class Conspiracy, Brighton 2006
OCR National Certificate in Health and Social Care Tutor Support Pack,    Oxford Cambridge & RSA Examinations, 2009
Institute for Customer Services, Management Course (ICS)
Benoît Pierre, Cuisinez Simplement, Paris 2016
Ruth Smith, Authentic Leaders Dare, London and New York, 2017
Lyndon Wissart, The Inspired Diabetic, London 2017
Katie Porkess, 2020
Chris Blazina, "One unwavering friend: Heart-warming tales of men and       dogs”, USA and London 2021


Peter en Eefje, monthly comic for Dutch educational magazine Weet Ik over a period of two years.
Ariane à Naxos, Atelier Lyrique de Tourcoing, France


(in alphabetical order, excluding private commissions)

Agenda Magazine
Affourtit Historical Bows
Aisha Elallam
AKP Chartered Accountants Horsham,
AKP Chichester
All Weather Exteriors
ARC Music Productions Ltd
Azity Marketing Design, France
Becky Wells Ltd
Brockley Golf
BusiSoft Ltd
Cedar Tree
Century 21
Cremated Egg Ltd
CTL Cleaning Services
Customer 1st International
Debt Rescue
De Kubus, Netherlands
Domino's Pizza
East Grinstead Business Expansion Club
East Grinstead Chamber of Commerce
East Grinstead Chamber Orchestra
East Grinstead Scaffolding
Essential Publications
Executive Success Kft, Hungary
Fast Art
Forest Row Summer Courses
French & Music House
Gloria plc
Golf Media UK
HomeStyle Magazine,
Harvey Communications
HomeStyle magazine
Hubbard college of Administration
Jazz Catering
Kingsgate Mortgages
London Philharmonic Orchestra Group
Louis Scott
Moghul Art
Multiframe Buildings
Katie Norman
Objets d'Art
Out of the Blue
Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations
Paradise Quartet
Pinewood Net
Practice Nursing Magazine
PRB Consulting
Red Square Interactive Ltd
Show House Magazine
SKVR Rotterdam
Southwater Insurances
Squeaky Clean
Stichting HBP Rotterdam
Stichting Historische Zeilvaart Harlingen, Netherlands
Newsquest South West London
Sussex Life Magazine
Take One Productions
TMS Total Management Services
Wim Koster, NetherlandsWimbledon Village Business Association

Anne-Marie Sonneveld